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  • Writing

    The Travel Writing program at MatadorU is designed for a variety of people. Whether you're setting out to become a professional travel writer or journalist, or a casual travel blogger -- or even if you're simply interested in getting your writing published in travel magazines -- this course is for you. Going beyond the standard online travel writing class, our courses combine a robust curriculum where we offer everything from tips on personal branding to how to build a successful travel blog. Our platform is unlike any other -- an active community of travel journalists with whom you can hone your skills while taking advantage of access to freelance leads for paid travel writing, travel jobs, and press trips, as well as connections to travel editors at Matador and beyond.
  • Photography

    The Travel Photography program at MatadorU was created to serve a variety of people. Whether you're already a pro travel photographer looking to take advantage of our active community of photojournalists, access to paid freelance photography jobs, and press trips for free travel, or someone just getting started with a DSLR camera and wanting to build a career in digital photography, our course is for you. This program and the growing community of thousands of travel journalists we are building will help you take better photos and network with other photographers and editors, as well as brands and destinations. In addition to the nuts and bolts of becoming a better travel photographer, you'll learn about personal branding, how to build a profitable photography website, and how to pitch editors -- the full skill set for a career you're actually passionate about.

    • different framing techniques
    • how to capture better audio
    • how to edit your travel films
    • how to build your brand and find work
    • much more
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