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Chiang Mai: Home Away From Home

Hello everyone,

Here is my 1st assignment, thank you for any feedback :)

Happy writing,


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Hi Christina,

Your article truly captures more than just the food in Thailand (which is a huuuuge part of the attraction for me :o)

It also hints at all the other things you can do during your visit. Chiang Mai truly sounds like a wonderful place to live!

I like the last line in your first paragraph:

– Time stands still, we live for the moment, postpone plane tickets, and stop.

The only thing that was a little confusing for me on first read was the location of all the places you mentioned. I wasn’t sure if we were in one neighborhood, or if you were taking us through nearby neighborhoods, or if the areas are spread out across the city. I found myself wishing there was a map with the neighborhoods and roads you mentioned highlighted. Or it could just be that I haven’t had any coffee, yet.

Overall, an enjoyable read! Loved the photos, too – bright, clear, and illustrate the ideas in your article.

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Hey Christina,

Great site, really love the design.

You’re a strong writer and I really love your straightforward approach to this assignment…kinda like “this is why I love Chiang Mai.”

You could also definitely turn this into a guide, especially a foodie-based one. Might help keep things organized a little better and give readers a better sense of where you live (like Irene suggested).

Looking forward to reading more!

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Hi Irene, Candice,

thank you for your kind words! Point taken with the neighborhoods, and actually yes, adding a little map would be a great thing to do, I have just seen a lovely hand-drawn map on someone else’s blog… I might just nick the idea… but pssst :)

Thank you again and happy writing,

Christina x

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