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Want to be a Facebook Live host for Matador and boost your own social presence?

Hey there Matador Creators Community!

I have a killer opportunity. We’re looking for hosts (with the most) to help us with our Facebook Live broadcasts. So if you’re comfortable in front of a camera (or your smartphone in this case), have an out-going personality, and are willing to bring our audience into the action, post some links to your work in the comments below. Also give me a list of some upcoming travel or events you’ll be attending this year.

Thanks! Looking forward to your submissions!

Your friend (and mine),
Kae Lani Kennedy

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Hey Kae!

I’m late to the game here, but wanted to throw my hat in the ring. Before the career path I had before coming to travel writing (so, my great grand career?), I actually played a lead role in a SyFy horror film. Which isn’t to say that I’m Brad Pitt or even a more mediocre actor, but I have on-screen experience and don’t mind acting like a fool for others entertainment. My life’s ambition is to become best friends and travel buddies with Josh Gates.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything of me on camera at the moment, but I’m happy to put something together if that help! I haven’t auditioned in forever..I’m so nervous 🙂

I’ll be taking a solo trip to Haiti at the end of June, a family (ugh) trip to Eureka Springs, AK in August, and a two week anniversary trip to Croatia in September. Plus anything else that pops up in-between.

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Hi there! I’m all for having fun in front of the camera! 🙂 I have been interviewed on several podcasts and summits. I was also a guest on The American Dream TV show. You can check my site here.

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Hi Kae!

This is so exciting! I’m a travel vlogger, channel over at I’m all about big personalty & engaging audiences. One particular event I’m attending is Oktoberfest in Germany. How crazy wild would it be to be right in the action with Matador on Live! Happy to chat more, here’s my past videos for reference:

-What to Eat in Prague

-Capsule Hotel Review (latest vlog)

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If you are still looking for participants I would love to be considered. I am about to go to Sri Lanka for a month and then off to Malaysia and SEA for at least a year.

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Please check out my portfolio at I have some Canada coverage coming up and then I am off to Peru in July, and the UK in October.

Thanks so much,

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Hey Kae!

Myself and my good friend James have recently started our own travel project called @BetweenTwoHammocks. We’ve only started but I’m a bit of a social media whizz being Head of Social for Ireland’s biggest travel company. To that end I’ve done a few FB Live’s through work, th most recent of which interviewing a Peruvian gent named Juber about his job as an Inca Trail tour guide.

Long story short, myself and James are lining up a sunrise to sunset challenge around Ireland in the next  couple of weeks. We’re going to be ticking off some of the country’s best natural wonders and attractions (25 or so) and it be awesome content for the Network. We’ll be creating a vlog of our adventure, using 4k video a drone and a GoPro.


Thanks, Donnacha

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