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What challenges you the most?

Hi fellow Matadorians, Happy New Year!

Over the last year, I have been slowly working on creating a project I could write about day and night effortlessly, talk about relentlessly and serve others continuously. And, as everyone who asks, eventually gets what they ask for, Odd to You eventually started becoming all of those things.

Now, what is left is to share it with others and ask you for two minutes of your time. One minute to read this, and another minute to tell me (and the Matador community), as you pursue your passion and become your dreams what challenges you the most?

Why? For three reasons, because your input can help others who face the same challenges because it will inspire me connect your challenges with my personal experiences and write stuff like this and this, and because it’s fun to share and to let go.

Thank you. 🙂

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Great question. I would say distractions is my biggest challenge…or, rather, managing the “distractions” – I think many of us have so much going on it can be hard to prioritize…sometimes to the point where you feel paralyzed by it all and don’t do anything (maybe turn Netflix on or scroll Facebook). I guess another way to put that is a lack of focus.

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