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Forums General WRITING What has been the most powerful push a mentor has given you for your writing?

What has been the most powerful push a mentor has given you for your writing?

Your mentor may have been (or is) a teacher, a colleague, a friend, a writer you’ve never met but love to read. How has that person helped you either go deeper in ¬†your writing – or begin when you’ve been afraid to write.

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When I first started writing for Matador in 2008 I had Tim Patterson¬†as my editor. I remember him using the term “superfluous” and it was probably the first time anyone’s said that to me (I remember looking it up to fully get what he meant). It had a big impact on me, as did his edits when I saw the final piece…and it helped me understand writing tight a lot better. It’s really when I started to question everything I was putting down.

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Yep. Ala Elmore Leonard: Leave out the parts the reader skips over.

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I was told to reframe my pitching goal. She said, why not try for 100 rejections this year? It is helping me to just send the pitch instead of all the agonizing I tend to do!


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Nice one Jen! I like it.

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Thanks Carlo! It was good advice…and it takes the sting out of the rejections (a bit) when I can put them towards my tally.


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