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What photographers, videographers, or projects are you following, right now?

This is open to all students. I’m wondering: where do you go (or who do you follow) for visual inspiration? Photos, videos, extreme photoshop, whatever. Travel or just talent? WHO or WHAT are you following, right now?

Go further – how does who/what you’re currently following reflect your current season of life?

I follow different photographers or photo projects more closely through different seasons of my life, or different travels. Going to Portugal? Find local photographers and see what they’re finding and up to. That’s great inspiration as you tick days off a calendar til you get to board that plane. Dreaming of Namibia? Following photogs or hashtags in that country might get you there faster by putting a fire under your butt (and in your heart). Needing serious inspiration? Huge families that live on the road, people rocking a wheelchair around the globe, bucket listers, those who sold everything and bought a one-way ticket, NGO workers or the NGOs themselves … just the tip of the inspirational iceberg.

For me I just had a baby, so I have rashly (and perhaps in a hormonal storm) followed dozens of talented birth photographers and pages. My feed is full of inspirational new life (to me!) and it is a beautiful break from hectic days. It’s also easy to link almost anything to travel. For example, I found an instagram account called the Wild Born Project, documenting rural and tribal births and pregnancies, considering what we have gained and lost along the way. Travel AND babies – just what I need *at this moment*.  Food and travel, surfing and travel, volunteering and travel,

So, who are you following? Any projects? Who or what is inspiring you right now? Post the link! Be honest, tell us why! This could be a great inspirational thread for anyone needing a boost.



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This is a bit of promo for a friend of mine, but I’m inspired by his photography. He’s relatively new to the scene as well (he’s an Emmy-nominated composer who’s done a lot of work for Nat Geo and other wildlife films) but he’s a quick study and his work can be quite emotional. I guess he’s more classified as a fine art landscape photographer. This is his site:

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that’s awesome Carlo!

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One of my favorite travel photographers is Trey Ratcliff.  Visit his website at:

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Kate, what a beautiful thing. Isn’t it wonderful that our photography changes through the different stages of our lives? Honestly, I have been studying a lot of films. I am embarrassed to say I think I watched this video at least 25 times so far, and will continue to study it.

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Here’s an interview just posted with guy I mentioned above. I think it’s quite interesting, his take on photography.

What’s some advice for those interested in landscape photography?

Bow to the landscape. Either before or after you take a photograph.

Wow. That’s very tai-chi.

(laughs) Yes, it’s a secret weapon for really tuning in. I think most people wander through the wilderness with a sense of “What can I take from it?”  And that’s reflected in the photographs they take. If you go with a sense of reverence, I think that’s different and you become more receptive and more sensitive to what’s going on.

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I’d have to say Chris Burkard, Marta Kulesza and Brendan Van Son. They’re my two favorite travel/landscape photographers.

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Carlo, I’ll read the interview. Thank you for sharing.

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I’m going to Antigua, Guatemala later this year.  I’m plan to do a photo walk or two with local photographer, Rudy Giron.  I think its a great way to get some insider information on best places for shooting and to learn about the city.

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Super fantastic responses guys. Trey Ratcliff and Chris Burkard are classic inspirers – what inspires me about them is how they continue to move their work forward year after year. Rudy Giron is new to me, I will check that out. Oh and Brendan Von Son is awesome!

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@carlo – epic interview, loved it!

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@carlo – I love this: “Instead I have four manual, metal, heavy, old-school, Zeiss Prime lenses.”

I would like to try this. I have used manual, old-school Nikon lenses on my camera, but never the Zeiss Prime lenses. The effect is beautiful. Last year, I tried to work on becoming a better landscape photographer, and while doing so, I began to get sucked into the trap of photographing landscape to fulfill likes on social media. Robert bowing to the landscape shows a deliberate respect for nature and the craft of photography. He is beyond recognition in the public eye. As I continue to work toward becoming a better landscape photographer, I will think of him and his example. Thank you for posting the link. I still need to watch Tales of Light.

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Awesome Ingrid, glad it was inspiring to someone…he’s a very unique person…a true “Nelsonite” 🙂

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Thanks, Carlo. I tried to edit my comment and it looks like it posted it twice. Sorry about that. Not sure if I can fix it now?

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Fixed Ingrid. I also am waiting for an update so that everyone can edit their own comments.

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