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MatadorU’s travel writing courses will teach you how to be a compelling storyteller and professional travel writer.

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What is the MatadorU Travel Writing Program?

MatadorU’s Travel Writing Program is made of two courses: Fundamentals of Travel Writing, and Advanced Travel Writing.

Fundamentals of Travel Writing builds a strong foundation of primary skills centered around:

  1. How to craft a travel story
  2. Becoming versatile with different forms: social commentary, narrative, personal essay
  3. Travel Journalism 101: researching, interviewing, quoting, citing
  4. Developing a personal brand and following
  5. Pitching editors and collaborating with other writers

Advanced Travel Writing provides rigorous training in narrative nonfiction and travel journalism centered around:

  1. Recognizing the enemy of travel writing: Objectification of cultures and characters
  2. Writing on more controversial or difficult subjects
  3. Best practices when you’re on assignment
  4. Pacing, structure, and transitions for long form / feature stories
  5. From media trips to collaborations: Thriving as a travel writing in the digital age

Which course is right for me?

If you can answer the following questions without too much difficulty, consider the Advanced course:

  • In what tense and POV did you write your last narrative?
  • Why did you choose that particular tense / POV?
  • What kinds of questions have you asked interview subjects?
  • How do you choose what to leave in and what to cut from a story?
  • What are the most effective ways for you to present characters?
  • How do you transition from action to description to exposition in your narrative?

If you find the following questions more aligned with what you think about in your writing, you should consider the Fundamentals course:

  • How do I create a story from my latest travel experience?
  • How do I begin / end my story?
  • What makes the kind of story people want to read and share?
  • How do I get better quotes in my stories?
  • What information do I need to make sure my story is complete?

Choosing the course that best fits your skills right now will help you stay engaged and keep you from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

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  • Lifetime access
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    • how to craft a travel story
    • to become versatile with different story forms
    • how to develop your personal brand and following
    • how to pitch editors and collaborate with other writers
    • much more

    • how to unlock the power of your camera
    • exposure, composition, and lighting
    • organizing and editing techniques
    • how to compile your portfolio and publish it online
    • much more

    • different framing techniques
    • how to capture better audio
    • how to edit your travel films
    • how to build your brand and find work
    • much more

    • how to write on controversial topics
    • best practices when you're on assignment
    • pacing, structure, and transitions for longform / feature stories
    • how to thrive as a travel writer in the digital age
    • much more

    • how to tell a story through photo essays
    • advanced post-processing techniques
    • how to develop your brand and market yourself
    • how to pitch editors and publish your work
    • much more
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